Defining Your Core Values

When you define your core values, you give yourself the opportunity to define what you will and won’t tolerate, what decisions are best for you, and what relationships are right for you. Learn how to identify and use your core value in all aspects of your life for a better experience;

  1. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right – In our souls we can feel when something isn’t right. Trust your gut, let your inner soul tell you when something is or isn’t right. This will help you identify your core values.
  2. Let your core values be your guide – When you trust your core values, you can judge situations better. Use your core values to guide you in the right direction.
  3. Integrate your core values into your personal & professional life – You can use your core values at work or at home, with your family or your coworkers, use them in any situation.
  4. Use your core values to identify new relationships – everyone has different core values. Surround yourself with those who align with your core values.
  5. Use your core values to make better decisions – When making a decision, ask yourself “does this align with my core values?”. This will help take the emotion out of your decision-making process and you can make better decisions more often.

You are sure to see a difference in the quality of your life experience when you are in alignment with what is truly important to you. When you identify your core values, you can discover the path to true happiness.