Focusing On The Big Picture

James Bertrand_rid traditional thinking_Dosh Management_Sarasota-Bradenton-Tampa-Lakewood Ranch_Florida_Business Leadership Development Executive CoachingAs Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how easy it can be to get lost in the daily operations of your business. It is so important for business owners to keep their eye on the big picture and work ON their business instead of IN their business.

We want to remind all of our fellow entrepreneurs and business owners about the three major key pieces to keep you focused on the big picture. This will allow your organization to stay on track towards its successful, sustainable, and profitable future.

These are the top three key things to stay focused on in order to keep your eye on the big picture. Staying aware of these three things will help you evaluate what is happening with your business so you can continue to work on it, instead of in it.

1. Vision – What do you envision for your business? What goals do you have? Are you on track for reaching those goals? It’s important to stay focused on the big picture and continuously work towards the goals that will help to achieve this vision.

2. Finances – What is your financial plan for your business? What are your expenses? What is your cash flow? It is important to know where you stand financially, and have a plan to keep your cash flow up and your expenses down.

3. Marketing – How do you tell the world about your business? Do you have a marketing strategy? Are you taking advantage of the abundance of Internet marketing resources? It is important to have a marketing strategy and to have a clear and consistent message for your audience.