Fulfilling Your Basic Human Needs

We all have six basic human needs that our behaviors are constantly attempting to meet. 95% of us do not have the first 4 basic human needs met:

  1. Certainty (comfort)
  2. Variety (feeling alive and stimulated)
  3. Significance (feeling that we matter)
  4. Love (connection with others)

When the first 4 needs are met, we can move to the next 2 needs:

  1. Spiritual Growth (feeling capable, knowledgeable)
  2. Spiritual Contribution (take it to the world, pay it forward)

Dis-empowering behaviors may arise from the void of not having one (or more) of these needs met. Once you can understand these needs and which needs you are trying to meet, you can change your dis-empowering behaviors to more empowering ones.