How Many Hats Do You Wear?

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

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How does it happen? Most business owners are better at collecting and wearing the hats than they are at giving the hat to someone else. This can lead to an overwhelmed owner. When evaluating the amount of roles you are responsible for, it’s important to identify which roles you provide the most value in, and which roles you enjoy the most. Are you providing the most possible value for your business while wearing all of these hats?

Let’s talk about evaluating your roles within your business, your value within those roles, and your enjoyment of those roles. We offer questions to help you evaluate your roles, and your value within those roles. As for your enjoyment of these roles, it’s up to you to be completely honest with yourself. If you reorganize your hats to wear only those you enjoy most, you will find yourself to be more productive and of course, happier.

To transfer some of your hats to others who are just as capable, ask yourself these important questions, and try some of the tips below.

Evaluate Your Role:

– How many hats do you wear?

– Have you given any of your hats away in the past month? If so, did you take on additional hats in the process?

– What is your most important role pertaining to the success of your business?

– Is there someone else who could wear some of those hats for you?

Identify Your Options:

– Outsourcing; there are companies out there that specialize in wearing these hats for you. HR, IT, Payroll, Accounting. And in most cases it can even cost less!

– Existing employees; have any of your current employees shown interest or skills in the areas you need to delegate? Someone who might even enjoy the task(s) more than you do?

– New employees; is it time to hire an additional team member to give some of your hats to?

When you delegate tasks to others, your role within your organization will evolve and grow, allowing your business to do the same.