How to Empower Those Around You

Lead from the heart and learn to empower those around you. We are all on this journey together; if we can empower each other we can accomplish our goals more efficiently. To empower others, try these tips:

  1. Ask more questions – learn more about those around you, what their goals are, what the fire in their belly is.
  2. Encourage teamwork and collaboration – Offer your help, solicit the help of others, share ideas, encourage ideas.
  3. Delegate to develop – When you delegate to develop you help others learn new skills and grow. This makes them more valuable, and helps them feel more valued.
  4. Develop a support system – You can accomplish more with more people on your team. Surround yourself with people that will help you get to that next level.
  5. Make win-win decisions – When everyone is winning, you can move forward more efficiently.

When you feel empowered, you can accomplish anything!