How to Have a Win-Win Attitude

What is a win-win attitude? A win-win attitude is when you take a look at a situation and ask “who does this involve? (literally everyone)”, and “Does everyone involved benefit in this situation?”. Try these tips to help everyone win:

  1. Consider everyone involved – Before making a decision, ask yourself “Who does your decision affect? How does it affect them? Who else does it affect?”
  2. Look for the BEST decision – If a decision is not win-win, it is compromise. Look for the decision where everyone involved wins, and that will be the best decision.
  3. Help others win as you are on your journey – How can you help others on their journey? If you have something to contribute that will help others on their journey, pay it forward.
  4. Be aware of emotional bank accounts – Everyone has an emotional bank account, withdrawals are made with insults, and deposits are made with compliments. Start making more deposits.
  5. Be grateful – As you are looking for the win-win decisions, be grateful for each step of the journey. Appreciation is part of a win-win attitude.

When you live life with a win-win attitude, and when you consider everyone involved, you are able to make the best decisions and you won’t have to compromise. We are all on this journey together, let’s make it a good one!