How To Stretch Your Comfort Zone

There are three zones we are going to discuss in today’s article. Those zones are:

1) Comfort Zone – This is where you may feel stable, you may feel safe, and sometimes you may even bored.

2) Stretch Zone – When you’re stretching your comfort zone you feel excited, you are more challenged, and you are growing.

3) Panic Zone – When you’ve stretched your comfort zone too much you may begin to feel worried, you may feel afraid, or you may even feel stressed.

Most people live their entire lives within their comfort zones, not exploring the possibilities and amazing experiences life has to offer. The idea is to stretch to a point where you are not overdoing it, but it’s enough to help you grow.

How do you stretch your comfort zone? Start by becoming more aware of what activities you feel are in each zone; write down items that are in your comfort zone, stretch zone, and panic zone.

Stretch your comfort zone by trying things that are outside of your comfort zone! The more often you stretch it, the more you grow.

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