Identify Your Energy Makers & Energy Takers

We all have responsibilities in our day that we don’t particularly care for, and others that we enjoy. What percentage of your day is spent doing tasks that drain your energy? Have you ever considered delegating those items so that you could fill up more of your day with tasks you enjoy?

Get a piece of paper and write down all the things you are responsible for. Once you’ve got your list, go back through it and circle all the things that take more of your energy.

What percentage of your list did you circle?

Ok, now go back through your list and identify the tasks that you really enjoy doing, the tasks that give you energy. Be honest about your level of enjoyment – tasks that you “don’t mind” don’t count!

Now you have a list of Energy Makers & Energy Takers that you can now start developing an action plan for! Evaluate if you really need to be doing these tasks and consider your options. Can you delegate the task? Can you outsource it? Can you automate it? Once you find a solution, give yourself a by-when date to accomplish it.

The more tasks you do during the day that give you energy, the more you will enjoy each day.