Leadership & Responsibility

As a leader, you may sometimes experience having a team member that negatively impacts the rest of the team because they are demonstrating lack of responsibility.

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What causes lack of responsibility?

–          Fear of failure

–          Lack of Confidence

–          Lack of motivation

–          Fear of letting others down

–          Fear of feeling overwhelmed


What are the warning signs?

–          Placing blame on others

–          Missing deadlines

–          Lack of interest in their work, and the well-being of the team

–          Avoiding taking initiative

–          Lack of trust in other team members and leaders

–          Making excuses regularly

How can you encourage accountability?

  • COMMUNICATE: Have direct conversations about your concerns, and make sure everyone clearly knows their job roles and responsibilities.
  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE: Take responsibility for your own actions, show pride in your work, and re-engage your team.
  • HELP PEOPLE TAKE CONTROL: Build their self-confidence, teach them how to think positively, and eliminate negative self-talk.

Use these tips to remind your team how important accountability and responsibility are, and help get your people back on the path to success.