Stop & Smell The Roses

Life goes by so fast sometimes that sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. With work, family, friends, and all the demands our busy lives produce, this is something that many of us forget about altogether. It’s not too late to get back in the habit of appreciating these things in your life again.

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Start and end your days with these 3 tips for being more grateful, and improve the positivity in your life.

  1. Gratitude Journal – each day, list five things you are grateful for.
  2. Gratitude Rock – Find a rock that feels good in your hand; carry it in your pocket. Each time your hand touches it, say “thank-you” for something.
  3. Gratitude Beads – Create a string of about 5-10 beads, think of something for each bead to represent. As you run your fingers through the beads think of things to be grateful for.

Don’t forget to appreciate yourself during the process as well!