Ten Steps to Empowerment

You can take control and achieve anything you put your mind to, but first you need to have the right tools. Below, we have outlined our ten steps for empowerment.

1) Take Action

• Take initiative, take control, and move forward

• Start DOING all those things you TALK about

• Dream about your future

• Remove obstacles

2) Set Goals

• Listen to your Soul, know what you want

• Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

• Create a Dream Inventory

• Develop your road map to get you from point A to point B

• Start believing that anything is possible

3) Prioritize

• Time Block

• Manage your time effectively

• Do the important things first

• Organize

• Create a “Don’t List”, and delegate

4) Have a Win-Win Attitude

• Consider everyone involved

• Look for the best decision, don’t compromise

• Make sure you help others win as you are on your journey

• Be aware of emotional bank accounts

5) Seek to Understand

• Ask Questions

• Don’t Assume

• Ask “WHY” more

6) Empower Others

• Empower yourself & those around you

• Encourage teamwork & collaboration

• Develop a support system

7) Stretch Your Comfort Zone

• Try something new

• Face your fears

• Challenge yourself

• Take classes, read books, watch videos, be a life long learner

8) Define Your Core Values

• Let your core values be your guide

• Integrate your core values into your personal & professional life

• Use your core values to identify new relationships

• Use your core values to determine who is on your team

9) Fulfill Your Basic Human Needs

• (1) Certainty, (2) Variety, (3) Significance: feeling that we matter, (4) Love: Connection with others

• When the first 4 are met we can move to the next 2 needs: (5) Spiritual Growth, (6)Spiritual Contribution; Take it to the world

10) Build Your Self Esteem

• Positive Self Talk

• EQ – Emotional Intelligence

• Reflection


These steps will help you on your path to finding and living your passion. Try them, and pay attention to how it feels when you’re doing each step.