The 3 S’s of Process Improvement

Having standardized processes is imperative to providing a great customer experience, increasing efficiency, and staying ahead of the curve in business. As different things change, your process will also change so it is important you keep revisiting and updating your processes.

The Three S’s of Process Improvement:

  • Stake
    • Get everyone involved in developing and improving the process. Share perspectives so that everyone has a stake in it.
  • Structure
    • Outline the standard requirements, define the tools needed, define why the process is important, and identify the scope of work involved.
  • Strategy
    • Plan, do, and review the process again and again. Get other perspectives to confirm this is the best process, and continue to explore better technology that can improve your process.

Process improvement is a constant and never ending journey. Infusing the three S’s of process improvement into your company’s culture is a great way to help promote ideas that will continue to make your company better, faster, and more efficient.