The Power Of Gratitude

Why is it important to have a gratitude attitude? Gratitude attracts more of what we want, improves the relationships around us, reduces negativity, and makes us and those around us feel good!

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Being more grateful can actually make us happier, and it gives us the opportunity to make deposits into the emotional bank accounts of those around us. Do you know the best part of all? It’s free and it feels awesome!

With that said, take a moment to appreciate the special people in your life and show them how grateful you are to share your experiences with them. A little gratitude can go a long way, so share the love!

Try these tips for being more grateful more often:

– Make a list of five things you are grateful for right now.

– Reflect on your list, and focus on the way these things made you feel.

– Tell someone you appreciate them right now.

If you practice this enough, it will eventually become a habit… and it will be easy to remember, because you will love the way it feels!