The Three Circles

There are three circles of conversation, and learning them can bring a great awareness to your own mindset, and possibly change the way you view your participation in conversations in the future.

It is good to spend time in all three circles, but you will likely find the second and third circles to feel better than the first. That’s not to say the first circle is bad, because it’s not. The first circle is necessary to help build relationships. But real progress occurs beyond the first circle. Which circle will you choose to spend the most time in?

The three circles of conversation are 1) People, 2) Possibilities, and 3) Progress. The majority of people spend most of their time in the first circle. The people you see making a difference and moving the world forward are the few who choose to live life in the second and third circles.3CirclesPPP

First circle conversations

– Gossip

– Chit-chat

– Complaining & excuses

– Reasons why something won’t work or can’t work


Second circle conversations

– Opportunities

– Possibilities

– How can we make this better?

– Reasons why something will and can work


Third circle conversations

– Action plans

– Achievement

– Progress and forward momentum

Now that you know what the three circles of conversation are, practice being more aware of which circle you are in during your own conversations. Also, pay attention to the conversations around you. You may be able to move first circle conversations into the second and third circles!