Traits of an Effective Leader

JohnQuincyAdams_leader_Dosh Management_Sarasota-Bradenton-Tampa-Lakewood Ranch_Florida_Business Leadership Development Executive CoachingLeadership is setting the example and making the same sacrifices that you expect everyone else to make. If you are not walking the walk, you will not be an effective leader. People do not follow titles, they follow leaders. A leader is someone that always sets the example for others.

Becoming an effective leader is not something you can learn from reading a book, and it’s just simply having a particular job title, it’s something you’re inspired to be. The following include traits that make up an effective leader;

– Recognize the achievements of others

– Embrace Change

– Focus on the long-term success of team members

– Clear and focused

– Strong role model for inspiration

Truly effective leaders also lead from the heart. When you are in your heart, you can’t go wrong.

Do you possess any of these traits? Who in your life shows these leadership traits? Let the great leaders in your life inspire you to be the effective leader you know you can be.