Two Types of Leaders

There are two different types of leaders in the world; those who push, and those who pull.

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Leaders who PUSH:

–          Push information and ideas onto people.

–          Are not leading from the heart, they are managing from the head.

–          Are not gaining the trust of those they are trying to lead.

–          Are not getting the very best results.

–          Don’t have a win-win attitude.

–          Say “I” and “me” a lot.

–          Tend to surround themselves with like-minded people.

–          Do most of the talking.

–          Have all the reasons why something won’t work.

Leaders who PULL:

–          Pull information and ideas out of people.

–          Empower those they are trying to lead.

–          Lead from the heart.

–          Create an environment that fosters many new ideas.

–          Gain the trust of those they are trying to lead.

–          Create a win-win environment.

–          Live in the world of possibilities.

–          Surround themselves in a diversity of people.

–          Say “we” and “us” a lot.

–          Ask questions and seek to understand.

Good leaders push less, and pull more. When you lead from the heart, you allow people to own new ideas and bring results to an entirely new level. To lead from the heart, remember to keep asking questions. Asking questions will get everyone talking and dreaming about what is possible.