Get Out of The Weeds & Into The Trees Seminar

Are You In The Weeds or The Trees?

What does it mean to be in the weeds vs. the trees? When you are in the weeds, you can’t see beyond what is directly in front of you, your vision is limited to short-term tasks and goals, and you are stuck in the day to day. When you are in the trees, you are able to see further, and you can see more of what will help you grow.

Here are some signs you might be in the weeds:

  • You take all of the action items
  • You are too involved in process development
  • You don’t delegate
  • You don’t create a “don’t list” or a “do list”
  • You are performing all the details yourself
  • You’re too busy to find new ways to learn and grow
  • You feel overwhelmed and under-productive
  • It’s important to get into the trees so you can find new ways for you, your team, and your business to grow.

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