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In March of 2003, Shari Phillips made the decision to launch her own business. This company grew into a multi-million dollar nationally recognized consulting firm.

In her personal life, Shari met Doug and started a life with him. She began the road to motherhood with two teenage sons. Over the next few years Shari balanced pregnancies with her growing business, expanding their blended family with three more sons, for a total of five handsome boys.

As Shari ventured on her journey as wife, mother, stepmother, business president, and business owner, she continued to overcome obstacles and challenges she met along the way. As she adapted to these roles, she found passion and purpose which provided a fulfillment that allowed her to discover new opportunities.

As her company grew from virtual to viral over the next several years, becoming the leading company in her industry, the company dynamics began to change. These changes brought with them management challenges.

Once Shari learned to embrace these challenges, they transformed into opportunities which ultimately contributed to further success of the company. Shari designed the foundation of the company culture she is proud of and is able to be a leader who empowers her employees. Her team of dedicated employees helps elevate her to the next level of success. She takes the time to invest in her team with individual coaching sessions that help strengthen relationships, provide tools for success, and facilitate new organizational growth.

Shari has found purpose in helping others turn challenges into opportunities. She understands the struggles of entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners, and is now on the path to providing them with the resources that can help them bring their own companies and lives to the next level. Coaching has given Shari the opportunity to give back all that she has learned throughout her journey, as she shows others what is possible and how to design a life they have only dreamed of.